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Please read all camp information before completing registration form

Preschool Camps

M-F    8:00-11:45


per week

School Age Camps

M-F    8:00-2:00

Extended Hours

M-F    2:00-4:30



per week

per week

Week 1: June 17-21

Kicking summer off with a BANG! Slime Time camp pulls inspirations from all of the best 90's kids gameshows including Slime Time Live, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Guts, and Double Dare. This week will be full of fun challenges, obstacle courses, team building activities, games, and of course, lots and lots of SLIME!

School Age Field Trip: Battle Works NERF BATTLE, Atlantic Beach


Week 2: June 24-28

Drawing inspiration from shows such as Bill Nye the Science Guy, The Magic School Bus, and Dexter's Laboratory, this week of camp is sure to delight your budding scientist! Get ready to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy with lots of hands-on science experiments. And remember, if you keep asking questions, you'll keep getting answers.

School Age Field Trip: Altitude Trampoline Park, Jacksonville

Week 3: July 7-12

Despite the name, there is nothing to be afraid of during this week of glow in the dark camp fun! We are breaking out the black lights and snapping all of the glow sticks for tons of glow in the dark games, art, and excitment! Join the midnight society for a tale you won't want to miss. 

School Age Field Trip: Glow-Mania Laser Tag, Jacksonville

Week 4: July 15-19

Get ready to have lots of under the sea F.U.N. inspired by everyone's favorite sponge. Spend the week learning about the greatest animals in the deep blue sea including squid, krabs, starfish, and squirrels! You may even learn a secret formula or two, all it takes is a little imagination! 

School Age Field Trip: The Salty Pirate Waterpark, Emerald Isle

Week 5: July 22-26

Unleash your inner Donnie or Darwin as we take on the jungle and explore all of the animals that live within. Get ready to learn so many fun animal facts that you'll be able to host your own nature show. If you're an animal lover who loves really cool, and totally secret surprises, you're in for a smashing good time! 

School Age Field Trip: Lynnwood Zoo & splash pad, Jacksonville

Week 6: July 29- August 2

Camp IDUNWANNA (leave) we hold you in our hearts, and when we think about you...... well, you know the rest! During this week of camp, we are getting back to the basics of what makes childhood summer memories so magical. Camp songs, tug of war, water balloon fights, talent shows, weaving loom pot holders, friendships new and old, and lots of silly shenanigans will make you want to salute your shorts! 

School Age Field Trip: Grace Adventure Park, Newport

Week 7: August 5-9

Calling all action kids in PLAY condition, this is your week to SHINE! If you love sunshine, sports, and lots of fun, then you wont want to miss this week of camp! From giant soccer balls to our wet and wild slip and slide, everything about this camp is extreme! Woogity, woogity, woogity!

School Age Field Trip: New Bern Aquatic Center, New Bern

   Important Information


After registration, please be sure to download the Brightwheel app from the App store and log in with the username and password that you created. Please be sure to include complete and accurate information regarding birthdate, allergies, parent contact information, and approved pick up information. Anyone who picks up your child MUST be listed as an approved pick up in Brightwheel. Brightwheel is our primary form of communication between teachers, administrators and parents. Parents are responsible for checking the app and/or keeping notifications on to ensure they receive important camp information and updates.


A $75 nonrefundable deposit per camp will be invoiced to you withing 5 business days of submitting your online registration form and is required to be paid within 3 days of receipt to secure your child's spot. The remaining balance for each week of camp must be paid at least 30 days prior to the first day of the camp. Failure to pay the camp balance in full by the due date will result in the loss of the camp reservation and will forfeit the deposit. Deposit may be transferred to another week of camp provided space is available.

Refunds will not be given; however, camps may be transferred to another name allowing the original purchaser to sell the camp reservation independently. If transferred, the balance of the camp is still due by the original due date. The original purchaser must also send an email to to notify the camp of the change and to provide the name and contact information of the new purchaser and camper.

No refunds or credits for no shows or missed days/weeks of camp.


Payments may be made through Brightwheel using ACH, Credit, or Debit. Payments may also be made by cash or check made out to Shine Academy.

Drop Off & Pick up

Drop off begins at 8:00 am through 8:30 am. If you plan to drop your child off past 8:30 am, please notify their teacher through Brightwheel. There is no cut off time. On the first day of camp, please check in with the front desk. Parents should escort their child to their classroom each day. 

Please pick your child up from their classroom during their designated pick-up window and no later than their scheduled pick-up time. Pick up windows are from 11:30-11:45 & 1:45-2:00. You may pick your child up early as needed from camp or field trip location. Please notify your child's teacher if you plan to pick them up early, and/or check in with the front desk. If you anticipate arriving late for pick-up, please contact us ASAP. A 10-minute grace period will be granted after which, a $1 per minute late fee will be assessed. Campers enrolled in extended hours may be picked up anytime between 2:00-4:30.

Any person picking up your child MUST be listed as an approved pick up in Brightwheel. You may update your approved pick-up list at any time through the Brightwheel app. ID's will be checked before a child is released to any individual who is not recognized by your child's teacher. 

       Sick Policy

Children should be well enough to comfortably and actively participate in all scheduled activities. Children may not attend camp if they

  • have a temperature of 100.4 or higher

  • have vomited or had diarrhea within the last 24 hours

  • have a chronic cough that impacts their ability to participate

  • have any unidentified rash 

  • have lice or lice nits

  • are diagnosed with any condition that may be contagious to others such as COVID, RSV, hand, foot, & mouth disease, etc.

Children may return to camp when they are symptom free without medication for 24 hours or when cleared to return by a medical professional.

No refunds or credits will be issued due to absences related to illness

  Medication Policy

If your child requires a rescue medication such as an inhaler, Epipen, or Benedryl, please let us know. We will keep the medication onsite and administer it if needed. Please keep the medication in its original packaging with dosage instructions and be sure to label it with your child's name. We will not administer other medications beyond those needed for emergency situations. 

Please apply sunscreen, bug spray, etc. at home before your child arrives at camp. In the event that your child requires additional applications of these types of products, please notify our staff to arrange an appropriate plan.,

Behavior Policy

In an effort to create a safe environment and positive experience for all campers, we require that all children behave in a safe an appropriate manner. Clear expectations and boundaries will be set and our teachers and staff will do everything they can to support each child in making safe and appropriate choices. A child will be given a verbal warning along with guidance and redirection if they display any of the following behaviors:

  • vulgar or otherwise inappropriate language

  • any action that causes harm to themselves or others such as hitting, kicking, biting, etc.

  • Bullying 

  • leaving the classroom or designated area without informing a teacher

  • theft or destruction of property 

  • any other behavior that poses a threat of physical or emotional harm to others

If the undesired behaviors continue after the child is given a verbal warning, the child's parent or guardian will be notified. If the behavior still continues, the child will be sent home for the remainder of the day. If a child is sent home more than once, they may be asked not to return for the remainder of the camp week.

In the event that a child's behavior poses serious safety concerns, they may be immediately sent home and asked not to return. No refunds or credits will be given for any amount of time missed due to behavior related concerns. 

What to Bring

1-2 year olds: 

  • Diapers, wipes, diaper cream if needed

  • Snack each day

  • Water bottle labeled with child's name

  • 1-2 complete changes of clothes

2.5-5 year olds:

  • Water bottle labeled with child's name

  • 1-2 complete changes of clothes

  • Snack each day

School Age Campers:

  • Water bottle labeled with child's name

  • 1 change of clothes

  • Packed lunch

  • Snack each day


What NOT to Bring

  • Please do not send toys or electronics from home unless specifically asked to by your child's teacher. Shine is not responsible for any personal property that is lost, stolen or damaged.

  • Medication, sunscreen, or bug spray- If your child needs any of these things during their day at camp, please discuss it with their teacher. 

  • Soda, or energy drinks. Juice, milk, and sports drinks are welcome.

What to Wear

  • Comfortable, weather appropriate clothing that can get dirty

  • Comfortable shoes. Flip flops, crocs, etc. may be worn. 

  • Camp t-shirt for field trip days

Transportation & Field Trips

If your child is enrolled in our school age camps, their class will take a weekly field trip. Field trip location and itinerary will be provided to you. We will use our Shine bus to transport children. Our bus is equipped with seat belts and we also provide 5 point harness car seats for any child who requires one. If you prefer that your child not ride our bus, you may provide alternate transportation for your child. Parents and family are welcome to attend field trips but will be responsible for any fees required by the field trip location to attend/ participate. If your child's class is scheduled to take a field trip, your child must accompany their class on the trip if they attend camp on the field trip day. No refunds will be given for missed field trips do to absence. All planned field trip locations are subject to change based on availability and weather conditions

Permission Slip and Liability Waiver

Prior to you child's first day of camp, you will be required to complete and submit a permission slip and liability waiver. This document will be shared with you through Brightwheel closer to the start of the summer. 

Age Groups & Camp Options

This class is for our youngest campers; ideally children who have attended our MMO program or are registered to attend in the fall. For this age group, you may select between 2, 3, or 5 days per week for your child to attend, however, you must register for the full 7-week summer session. Your little one will enjoy age-appropriate activities based on the week's camp theme as they work on building friendships and developing social skills. Small class size of 8 children and two teachers. Parents provide snack.

Contact us to secure your child's spot.  Online registration not available


Preschool: 1-2 year olds

Preschool: 2.5-5 year olds
$200 per week

This class is ideal for children who will be at least 3 years old by Sept. 1, 2024 but have not yet completed kindergarten. This half day camp will keep your little one busy learning and having fun and give them a chance to do some of the same activities as our older campers. Children in this class are not required to be potty trained and will not be going on field trips. Register for 1 or more week-long camps 8:00-11:45. All activities and 1 themed camp t-shirt per week are included

School Age Camps
$295  per week

PK & Kindergarten

This class is ideal for children who have completed at least one year of preschool, PreK, or kindergarten and who are ready for a longer day (8:00-2:00) with a weekly field trip. All activities, weekly themed camp t-shirt, and field trip fees are included. Parents provide lunch. Eligible to add on extended hours from 2:00-4:30 PM. *Must be fully potty trained. 

 1st-3rd Grade

Ideal for campers in 1st-3rd grade. Each week long camp includes all activities, weekly themed camp t-shirt, and weekly field trip fees. Parents provide lunch. Eligible to add on extended hours from 2:00-4:30 

Preschool Camps

M-F    8:00-11:45


per week

School Age Camps

M-F    8:00-2:00


per week

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