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We believe strongly in implementing developmentally appropriate practice and tailoring instruction to meet each child where they are to promote growth. We use a combination of daily literacy and math instruction with intentional scope and sequence  along with an emergent curriculum based on the children's interests to provide opportunities for children to learn in the way that best fits their individual needs. Our teachers also utilize learning centers to engage children in literacy, math, science, social studies, creative, and imaginative activities that encourage growth across all developmental domains. We use the Letterland program to introduce letters and letter sounds begining in our 2's classroom and continuing throughout Pre-K. We also use the Heggerty Phonemic and Phonological Awareness program with our Preschool 3's and Pre-K classes. Our school uses the conscious discipline approach to classroom management and social-emotional learning which was created by Dr. Becky Bailey. This approach teaches skills including self regulation, problem solving, empathy, and independence and celebrates each child as a valued member of our school family.

Caring Child
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